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A Trust-Based Estate Plan

$399 per individual, or $499 for couples

The most comprehensive and complete way to protect your assets and loved ones. Avoid probate court and allow your assets to pass seamlessly to your beneficiaries with a Trust-Based Estate Plan.

Includes customized and state-specific estate planning documents to nominate guardians for your children, list your assets, and outline what should happen in a medical emergency, so you can rest easy with all of your affairs in order.


  • Nominate child and/or pet guardians
  • Decide who will handle your affairs
  • Leave specific gifts (money, possessions, property, etc.)
  • Determine how your assets will be distributed
  • Exclude individuals from receiving your property
  • Specify your final arrangements
  • Note any special requests
  • Decide what should happen in a medical emergency
  • Designate health care agents
  • Grant trusted individuals access to your medical records
  • Add conditions to asset distributions
  • Avoid probate court

Included Documents