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Guaranteed Universal Life

Low Cost permanent life insurance with guarantees
To age 85 - 121


To age 85 – 121
Terminal, Critical, Chronic Illness

Living Benefits

Terminal, Critical, Chronic Illness
Available in Years 15, 20, 25

Return of Premium

Available in Years 15, 20, 25

Guarantees include:

  1. Guaranteed death benefit for the duration the client chooses
  2. Guaranteed no premium payments beyond age 100
  3. Acceleration of death benefit for chronic or terminal illness
  4. Guaranteed exchange privilege
  5. Guaranteed policy expenses — no hidden fees

Meet the needs of your clients looking for:

  1. Guaranteed death benefit protection
  2. An alternative to whole life
  3. A traditional universal life policy with solid guarantees
  4. A tool for estate planning
  5. A vehicle for legacy building

Key Benefits

  1. Financial Security – Gain guaranteed death benefit protection when it’s needed most.
  2. Protection for unexpected illness – Accelerate a portion of the death benefit when certain conditions are met to help cover the cost of care or other expenses.
  3. Flexibility – Should your needs change, you may exchange your policy to meet your coverage needs.
  4. Control – Customize your policy to meet your needs with available riders and endorsements.