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Home Care Plans

Available in all 50 states, True Freedom Home Care Plans are designed for seniors who have waited too long to shop for traditional Long Term Care Insurance and now cannot qualify because of underwriting or financial limitations.


True Freedom Premier Plans are Service Contracts, NOT Insurance.

Home Care Plans

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10,000 Lifetime Membership Hours

($250,000.00 Current Lifetime Retail Value)

$5,700.00 Annually

$475.00 Monthly


True Freedom Home Care Plans (1)

Online e-App

Field Issue Contract

No Medical Underwriting

No Claim Forms

No Deductible

No Co-Pays

No Age Limits


True Freedom Home Care Plans (2)

Agency and Anytime Services Includes:

☑ Meal Planning / Preparation
☑ Assistance With Dressing
☑ Assistance With Bathing, Toileting And Hygiene
☑ Grooming
☑ Laundry, Ironing and Changing Linens
☑ Grocery Shopping

☑ Light Housekeeping
☑ Monitor Diet And Food Expirations
☑ Medication Reminders
☑ Accompany To Place Of Worship
☑ Accompany To Doctors Appointments And More

Built-in Features

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Discount Reward Program

Members earn a discount of 10% upon the anniversary and renewal of membership for each year that no home care services have been utilized. That savings will continue for up to 4 years. (Example: In the 5th True Freedom membership year and beyond, members will save 40% on the cost of maintaining their contract for as long as no home care service has been required.)


Premier Rejuvenation

Once a member has exhausted all service hours in their initial bundle, the benefit rejuvenates after 90 days. (Example: The Platinum Plan = 10 X 1000 Hour Bundles. When the initial 1000 hours have been fully utilized, there is a 90-day Rejuvenation Period. On the 91st day, there is full and immediate access to an additional 1000 hours of home care.) Home Care Services can continue to restore for up to the Maximum Lifetime Membership Hours (A total of 10x the initial hours of your chosen plan.) There are no health requirements for the rejuvenation of services.


Inflation Protection

Because members are contracting for access to “Hours” and not “Days” or “Dollars”, the value of plan hours automatically increases over time. As the cost of home care steadily rises through the years, the increased expense is covered at the point in time a member chooses to access their contract hours.


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(Provided by a friend or neighbor) are available any day of the week and during any/all hours including overnight or 24/7 live-in home care.



(Provided by a Network Agency) are available for up to 5 hours a day, Monday thru Friday between the hours of 9:00am and 5:00pm.

The requirement for full access to the home care service hours of a current True Freedom Home Care Plan is that memberships must be past the one time 90-day Waiting Period following the initial enrollment.


Emergency Care Benefit

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For members who may suddenly require temporary attention during the initial 90-day Waiting Period, 10% of the home care services of your chosen plan may be utilized as an Emergency Care Benefit.

Platinum Plan

Up to 100 hours of home care during the 90-Day Waiting Period

Gold Plan

Up to 60 hours of home care during the 90-Day Waiting Period

Silver Plan

Up to 30 hours of home care during the 90-Day Waiting Period

Bronze Plan

Up to 15 hours of home care during the 90-Day Waiting Period

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($5,700 yearly)

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A+ Accredited

American Senior Services Incorporated


Founded In 1958
Principals Each Have Over 30 Years Insurance Experience
Pioneered National Homecare Membership Plans In 2008


Highest Rating Available From Dun And Bradstreet
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